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music that moves the



Bruce Henderson

is a virtual one-man band and more than able to deliver.  While his specialty is the bass, he writes so well that whatever instrument he feels inspired to play exudes and complements a feeling of pulsating, driving movement.  In fact, we would say that this is his specialty.  

Funk, rock, jazz, world; you name it and he's written it.  He has a collection of over 350 finished songs and more than that in musical snippets that are especially perfect for action-packed spots, scenes, or beds.

He's the Maker.


Do you need to set-up a consultation?

I am Victoria, the second half of this groovy and quirky cool musical movement.  If you need help figuring out which songs are just perfect for your awesome project, call me and I can help.  I will make sure you have just what you need from our catalogue or to consult about custom tracks.

I'm the Fixer.