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Beats in Little Bites Takes Flight

We’re excited to be kicking off our first newsletter in the beginning of our second full year of providing music for licensing. We needed a place to share what we offer and what’s happening at our cool studio. That’s where this comes in.

Our goal is to give you, potential avid sync-licensing client, a taste of what we do on a regular basis. Though we specialize in funk and bass-oriented offerings, we have quite a few other genres that are represented in our line-up, including jazz, folk, rock, and R&B.

Though this is just the beginning, we think it’s the start of something good.

We’re most proud of:

Current Licensing Deals with

1. IMS Sensory Media ( ):

“Tell Me What You Want”

2. Marketing Melodies ( ):

“I’m a Chameleon”

“Tell Me What You Want”

Our latest emerging offerings:

  1. "Jimi Making Waves"

2. "Purple Jimi"

If you need something that’s already done, check out more complete songs to license on Songtradr ( ) and on SoundCloud ( ).

Hey, that’s it. We will see you back here next month to share what’s new.



Vicky Henderson, Partner

PMG Cool+Quirky Custom Music

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