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Song Showcase  for

Music Supervisors

Highlighted Songs:

The first song is a 60s/70s funky Sly Stone-esque groove, called

“Love Yourself (Peace+Joy)”

The second song is  quirky tune (that is eclectic in style).  

“Audrey, Please”

Additional Songs:

This song is a 60s/70s,  instrumental 

tv show theme groove, called

“Super Fly-ish”

Next, is a grooving, 80s retro R&B song called

“Tell Me What You Want.”

Lastly, this is one of a few rather  quirky tunes (that defy genre distinction).  This track is called

“I Don’t Know Me”

How about a

This was an opportunity to check out just a few of the over 350


that we have available to use on your awesome project.

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